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Our Rating

7.2 Average

The Nismo 370Z provides a power upgrade from the stock 370Z as well as some styling changes. It handles incredibly well and grips like there's no tomorrow, but it lacks any modern day tech and features and its warranty/servicing options are incredibly poor.

  • Engine & Drivetrain 8
  • Performance 7.5
  • Fuel Economy 6
  • Interior 7
  • Gadgets & Technology 6
  • Safety 7.5
  • Ride & Comfort 7.5
  • Practicality 6.5
  • Affordability 7.5
  • Behind the Wheel 8.5
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 7.5
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The Nismo pumps up the VQ-series 3.7-litre V6 from 245kW to 253kW and from 363Nm to 371Nm. This isn’t a huge improvement for a car boasting the Nismo badge but still a boost nonetheless.

The gearbox is a ‘Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System’ (CVTCS) with ‘Variable Valve Event and Lift’ (VVEL) on the intake side which was actually introduced in 2007.


The Nismo has plenty of power from a naturally aspirated engine that has zero lag whatsoever thanks to no turbos. However, the lack of turbo’s and the heavy weight means performance is minimised. 0-100kmh is around 5.8 seconds, which is much slower than many hot hatches that have much smaller engines and quick shifting automatic gearboxes.

The limited slip diff does make handling incredible though. Despite its heavy weight, the Nismo holds its own super well around corners and handles miraculously. However, the lack of turbo’s are a major loss. 250kW+ of power and only 0-100 in that time is quite poor and you’re left feeling let down after giving it 100% throttle, a sense of dissatisfaction almost. Weight loss would definitely fix this.

Fuel Economy

Claimed fuel economy is 10.6L/100km. Our run averaged over 16.0L/100km which was not impressive at all, especially when 95/98 RON premium unleaded is required.

Interior & Technology

The Nismo gets awesome looking bucket red ‘leather accented’ seats. Apart from the cool seats, the rest of the interior is quite dull and dated.

The steering wheel and gear knob also cop the ‘leather accented’ treatment, plus you can expect LED DRLs and tail-lights as well as auto headlights. It’s worth noting that the headlights are garden-variety xenons, and things you might expect in a $50k coupe, like, rain-sensing wipers, dual zone climate, digital speedo, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity (or even a capacitative touch screen) or tyre-pressure monitoring are no where to be found.

Time for some updates Nissan, please.


The 370Z hasn’t received any rating by ANCAP or any overseas affiliates.

In terms of active safety features you’ll find ABS, BA, EBD, traction control, ‘Vehicle Dynamic Control’ (stability control), and a rear-view camera with ‘Predictive Path’ guidance lines. There’s also 8 airbags and primary passive safety runs to active head restraints.

Again with the dated tech: things like AEB, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, active cruise, lane-keep assist, auto high beam or any kind of pedestrian detection are missing and are not even available on the options list.

Ride & Comfort

As a high powered sports car, the Nismo 370Z is a bumpy yet enjoyable ride. It’s fun and spirited, and the MASSIVE 285mm rear tyres provide insane grip and tractions.

It can get a bit impractical given that it is a sports car, but as I just said, it’s a SPORTS car! The fun of the car is genuinely exciting.

Warranty & Servicing

Nissan offers a three year/100,000km warranty, which is quite poor in today’s day and age.

But it does include 24-hour roadside assistance for three years, and Nissan’s ‘myNissan Service Certainty’ capped-price servicing program applies for up to six years/120,000km.

The scheduled maintenance interval is six months/10,000km, with charges ranging from a low of $283, to a high of $831 (100,000km), averaging out to roughly $428 per service.


(base) 3.7LPULP7 SP AUTO $37,990 – 63,490
(base) 3.7LPULP7 SP AUTO $37,990 – 63,490
(base) 3.7LPULP6 SP MAN $47,990 – 60,990
(base) 3.7LPULP6 SP MAN $47,990 – 60,990

(base) 3.7LPULP7 SP AUTO $37,990 – 63,490
(base) 3.7LPULP7 SP AUTO $37,990 – 63,490
(base) 3.7LPULP6 SP MAN $47,990 – 60,990
(base) 3.7LPULP6 SP MAN $47,990 – 60,990
N-SPORT 3.7LPULP7 SP AUTO $46,890 – 50,990
N-SPORT 3.7LPULP6 SP MAN $46,890 – 50,990
NISMO 3.7LPULP7 SP AUTO $54,888 – 63,990
NISMO 3.7LPULP6 SP MAN $54,888 – 63,990


The Nismo 370Z is a spirited and incredible handling drive, but its servicing and warranty can be improved, as can its tech and features.

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