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More details have been released regarding the 2018 model of the Subaru Impreza.

Despite no cosmetic changes, the 2018 Impreza will feature a host of changes including an updated Eyesight forward camera safety system in both the hatch and sedan models. Additionally, the 2018 model will also feature autonomous emergency braking, forward collision alert and adaptive cruise control.

The Eyesight safety system will be applied to the 2.0i-L, the 2.0i-P and the 2.0i-S, however it will not be applied to the entry-level 2.0i. The 2.0i-L, the 2.0i-P and the 2.0i-S will also feature lane-keeping assistance. Additionally, the 2.0i-S will also be equipped with reverse automatic braking.

Pricing for the Sedan 2.0i will start from $22,400, with the 2.0i-L from $24,490, the 2.0i-P – from $26,290, and the flagship 2.0i-S from $29,240. The Hatch will start from $22,600 for the 2.0i, $24,690 for the 2.0i-L, $26,490 for the 2.0i-P, and $29,440 for the 2.0i-S.


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