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It’s fair to say that the Mustang has taken the Australian car industry by storm. Initially, Ford estimated 1000 sales per year.. Little did they know that they would be receiving a plethora of orders. 4000 orders to be exact. Merely months after being released, the Mustang has achieved what no other sports car has been able to. Even despite price increases due to heavy demand and a fluctuating US Dollar, sales have increased for the infamous pony car, outselling even the most popular Ford models throughout 2016.

In its first year on sale in Australia, the Blue Oval brand managed to sell 3835 ‘Stangs. That’s more than double any other car in the sports car segment! To put this into context, the Mustang owns 44% of the sports car market, soaring ahead of the Hyundai Veloster, Toyota 86, Mercedes C-Class Coupe and BMW 4-Series. It’s also Ford’s fourth most popular model, ahead of the Fiesta, Kuga, Everest and even the Falcon.

Here’s our latest video taken at Dominelli Ford which contains the largest Ford Mustang display in the country! We know it might not be much, but here in Australia, the infamous pony car is a scarce resource with an average wait time of 12-16 months for new orders. Sit back and enjoy the display! A big thank you to Dominelli Ford for collaborating with us on this clip, head down to Dominelli to checkout the display.


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