Toyota GR Yaris FULL Exhaust Comparison: Normal v SPORT v TRACK

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Exhaust sound comparison of the new Toyota GR Yaris. This has 3 drive modes: Normal, Sport and Track. These are “Drive” modes and don’t really affect the exhaust, but we have put all 3 modes in this video for completeness. And also included the interior which has augmented engine/exhaust noise fed into the cabin.

0:08 Normal Mode
0:38 Sport Mode
1:08 Track Mode
1:28 Interior

The new GR Yaris has a 1.6-litre 3-cylinder turbocharged engine that puts out 200kW of power and 370Nm of torque.

NOTE: All 3 drive modes sound almost identical.. BUT, we show you all 3 modes anyway. And the sound from the interior – which is slightly more aggressive thanks to Toyota feeding sound into the cabin.

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