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Based on testing conducted by sister organisation Euro NCAP, Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has given the Ford Mustang GT Fastback a 2-star safety rating. With more than 6000 sold in 2016 alone, this news can be of some concern to all those enthusiasts out there. Two stars is one of the lowest scores since ANCAP’s inception, however the testing criteria did become more difficult for the mustang.

Some of the results are as follows:

  • 32 per cent for child occupant protection
  • 16 per cent for safety assist technologies
  • 72 per cent for adult occupant protection (equivalent to 4 stars)
  • 64 per cent for pedestrian protection

The thing that bothers me is that yes, this is overall a horrible result, but the occupant protection result of 72% is actually quite decent, as is the 64% for pedestrians. It’s on par with many other popular cars out there. Because the Mustang doesn’t have a blind-spot light flashing on each side mirror, and because it doesn’t have active city stop, it gets rated poorly and resultantly gets dragged down the star ranks. Technology is helpful yes, but the essence of driving requires humans to actually turn their heads to look in their blindspot and I don’t think the Mustang is to blame for some of those poor results.

Committed to improving the safety features in the 2018 new-look Mustang, that 2-star will surely be improved. We hope to see technological advancements incorporated into the new Mustang to ensure driving becomes as easy and as lazy as possible…


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