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Making its first appearance at the Auto Show in New York this year, the new Subaru Impreza certainly did not fail to impress. With all new tech and slightly more power combined with an elegant new design, the 2017 Impreza seems to tick all the boxes.

First things first.. Power! The 5th generation Impreza has gained a slight power advantage over its predecessor with 152 horsepower (113kW). An improved suspension system also enables better handling and stability for those pivotal daily drives. The wheelbase has expanded by one inch allowing for more room inside the vehicle and as expected, Subaru has maintained their infamous Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system as stock. Subaru has stated that body roll will be decreased by 50% and body rigidity increased by 70%, but let’s hope they stick to their word.

Added features include improvements to Subaru’s  Eyesight feature including steering-responsive headlights. Higher end trim models will receive a different interior, gauges, upgraded infotainment and sound system, pedals and grille. Sport sedan models will also receive a rear spoiler. In comparison to the outgoing Impreza, the 2017 model maintains the Impreza’s infamous grunt with its aggressive front end.

The Impreza has been improved in every way, shape and form. Much needed power upgrades, enhanced fuel economy and progressive interiors create an irresistible luxury feel. Needless to say, the old dreary box-shaped Impreza has now passed the flame and made room for the all-new eye catching Impreza of the future.


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