Tuesday, September 24
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Welcome to the weekly roundup of everything Formula 1! Here you will find a summary of the biggest news and announcements every week in the F1 world:

• Raikkonen Joins Instagram:
Shocking recent new suggests that Kimi ‘The Ice Man’ Raikkonen, Ferrari driver, has defied all odds and joined social media platform Instagram. In a move which has shaken the very core of Instagram, @kimimatiasraikkonen was welcomed to the platform by F1 veteran Felipe Massa. Massa has gone on record commenting stating he ‘hopes he writes more than one line in his posts’.

• Sauber Announce New Logo:
Sauber have recently introduced a new logo mark a new era within the team after partnering with Alfa Romeo (pictured below). Sauber had a dismal 2017 season which saw consistent last-place finishes, largely due to their lack of power from a 2016 version of Ferrari’s engine. Many hope that Sauber’s new partnership with Alfa Romeo signifies a sorely needed upward turn.

• McLaren Pleased With Initial Renault Integration
Eric Boullier, McLaren racing director, has stated he is pleased with the first stages of Renaults power unit integration. Boullier states that it is going ‘very smoothly’, which is presumably a welcomed change after McLaren’s well documented issues with Honda in previous seasons.

• McLaren Switch To Papaya Livery A Possibility:
Eric Boullier has stated that it is “very possible” for the team to switch to a papaya livery in 2018. Zak Brown, McLaren racing director, on the topic of the switch, stated that McLaren ‘listens to its fans’ after many fans called for the change, particularly after seeing Fernando Alonso in the livery at Indianapolis 500.

And that wraps up everything in F1 for this week. Stay tuned next week for more from the F1 Weekly Roundup!


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