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The Spanish GP didn’t love up to many in the F1 world’s expectations, however outside of race weekend, there is a lot occurring in the background which could have massive implications for the future. With that being said, here’s the latest:

• F1 Look to Drop DRS for 2021
FIA single-seater technical chief Nikolas Tombazis has ambitions to drop DRS from the 2021 rule package. Tombazis labels the overtaking technology as a ‘necessary evil’. Many complain that DRS makes overtaking too easy, detracting from the overall spectacle. The removal of DRS will see drivers have to work harder for track position, which may, however, lead to stagnant racing with little overtaking.

• F1 Makes Headway Into Miami GP
Miami’s city commissioners have unanimously voted to enter formal negotiations with F1 to allow Miami to host a GP as early as next year. The Miami venture reinforces Liberty Media’s aim to capture the US market, which comes in the wake of greater exposure to the US audience from ESPN’s coverage of F1. Many are not fond of the initial track layout, with Lewis Hamilton expressing such views on his Instagram, however nothing is set in stone as of yet.

• F1 Aims to Scrap Grid Penalties
F1 executives are looking to make another change ahead of the 2021 season, this time setting their sights on grid penalties. Many in the F1 world have voiced their distaste over seeing many of their favourites suffer in race weekend due to grid penalties for tweaks to engine and gearbox components. Charlie Whiting and Ross Brawn have expressed similar views, and as such the discussion to get rid of such penalties is taking place.

And that wraps up everything in F1 for this week. Stay tuned next week for more from the F1 Weekly Roundup!


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