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Welcome to the weekly roundup of everything Formula 1! Here you will find a summary of the biggest news and announcements every week in the F1 world. Shanghai provided many shocks to everybody in the F1 world, and with that being said, here’s the latest:

• F1 Strategy Group Eliminate MGU-H for 2021
With the future of Formula 1 continually developing ahead of the 2012 season, the F1 Strategy Group have come to an agreement to eliminate the MGU-H. Those in power in F1 agreed that the expensive and complicated hybrid element was a large barrier to entry for new manufacturers. The decision was made with concession from Mercedes and Ferrari on the issue.

• Italian Media Voices Displeasure With Ferrari-Raikkonen Treatment
Many around the F1 world were unhappy with Ferrari’s decision to potentially compromise Raikkonen’s drive in Shangai to give Vettel a slight advantage, and the Italian media has not held back. For veteran journalist Pino Allievi (La Gazetta dello Sport), Raikkonen’s treatment was ‘a mistake’ which can ‘affect the morale and performance of the driver’. Whether Ferrari will give more regard for Kimi’s drive remains to be seen.

• Massa Comments on Williams Situation:
Williams have fallen in 2018, where once they were battling with Force India for the top of the midfield, they are now struggling towards the bottom of the ladder. Massa has commented on the situation, stating Williams are paying the price for prioritising money above all else. Williams do not enjoy the same luxury as the bigger teams in F1, which leads Massa to conclude they felt compelled to back paid-drivers. The situation is precarious as Williams, and something will need to change in order to gain their first point of the season.

And that wraps up everything in F1 for this week. Stay tuned next week for more from the F1 Weekly Roundup!


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